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Tree Removal

At Carpenter Tree Services, we are well equipped to properly remove trees. For manual tree removal, we utilize experienced, skilled tree climbers. We also utilize the latest equipment, which provides the ability to safely and efficiently prune or remove any tree, regardless of size, location, or condition. We safely and efficiently remove trees so that there is low impact to the areas surrounding the tree.

Our highly trained team members here at have decades of experience. We strive to leave our customers 100% satisfied with the job they’ve received.

If you are in need of an effective tree removal service that gets the job done and is cost efficient, then contact us today!

Stump Grinding

Why is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

When you hire Carpenter Tree Service team to remove a tree from your yard, you will decide whether you want tree stump removal services as well. It can be easy to forget about the stump when you’re having a tree removed, but it’s important for you to know the benefits of stump removal and the problems that could arise from leaving a stump where it is. Therefore, we typically advise tree stump removal, and we also usually advise that you don’t attempt it on your own. This post details our reasons behind this advice, and explains how we can help you with tree stump removal.

Tree Pruning

Why Trimming and Pruning Is Important

Pruning a tree can influence trees to grow in a more ideal way for its structural integrity.

It maintains the structure of trees to help mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

Properly pruned trees won’t have compromising branch structures and improper weight distribution, two things that could lead to disaster later on in a tree’s life.

Structural pruning can greatly improve the general look of the tree.In order to keep your trees healthy, then they require tree pruning at regular intervals. our experts are more than happy to advise you on the proper pruning process for trees in the Memphis area.

If you are looking to have more exposure to light, then thinning your trees will accomplish this. 

Occasionally, trees will have large branches that cover a house or office, our skilled workers will safely remove those limbs with no damage to your structure.

Pruning is also helpful when limbs and branches on the tree begin to die. For this service,  give us a call and we will get you a estimate quickly.

Light Storm Clean-up

Storm damage is all too frequent, especially here in the Mid-South. Heavy rains, wind and lightning can knock trees down or at the very least, cause tree limbs to be strewn across your yard.

We are equipped to remove big, heavy limbs or the whole tree from your property that may be have fallen due to stormy weather conditions. We are also able to prune tree limbs and cut branches that might have fallen. Give us a call for any assistance with removing trees from storm damage.

Brush & Bush Maintenance

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